Fortnite Frenzy: Decoding the Mystery of the 10 Vaults and Mod Benches

Passionate Fortnite fans debate the existence of more than the well-known five vaults with mod benches.

Fervor has sprouted in the Fortnite community, as fans discuss novel discoveries in the game’s landscape. An intriguing post by user Current-Addition-849 claims that there are twice as many vaults with mod benches than what’s commonly believed. Prepare yourself for some eye-opening revelations as we delve into this topic.


  • User Current-Addition-849 claims the existence of 10 vaults with mod benches, double the believed amount
  • Most users express surprise, with many venturing they’ve never seen a mod bench in a blue vault
  • Some users, however, hint at the elusive possibility of these extra benches
  • The floating island is also rumored to house a mod bench

Unlocking the Unknown

In response to the post, mistakes-were-mad-e commented that despite explorations, no additional mod benches have been spotted. This sentiment was echoed by Super-Stanky772 who suggested the possibility of a lower spawn rate in blue vaults.

A Closer Inspection

Differing views surfaced when duckofmagic stated that blue vaults may potentially house mod benches in the future. User Schwwish took a strategic stance; advocating for more permanent benches to bolster the game’s modding functionality. FeganFloop2006 added to the mystery, stating that the additional five vaults do have a chance of spawning benches, albeit very low.

Mapping the Extras

Users toomerboomer, SheevPalp07, and Ill_Carpet5280 tossed in specific locations where a mod bench has been encountered, highlighting that discoveries may simply be dependent on luck and spawning variations.

If there’s one thing the Fortnite community loves, it’s a good mystery. While verdict on the elusive additional benches is yet to be agreed upon, it definitely fuels the ongoing excitement and exploration within the gaming landscape. As we come full circle in our deep-dive, remember to keep your modding gear ready, fellow gamers. You never know where the next surprise vault might pop up!