Fortnite Freebie Alert: The Scoop on the Trailblazer Tai Bundle

Fortnite players, don’t forget to get your hands on the free Trailblazer Tai Bundle. Here’s how.

Fortnite has got something exciting for its players. According to ‘Buff_Bagwell_4real’, ‘Trailblazer Tai bundle’ is available for free in the store, complete with its quests. You can find it in the special offers and bundles section at the bottom.


  • Free ‘Trailblazer Tai’ bundle available in the Fortnite store
  • Comes with quests
  • Located in the special offers and bundles section

Queries & Responses

‘Knightman1508’ was keen on knowing how long the offer would last. Also, ‘myhiddenlifee’ expressed some confusion, as they claimed their bundle yet couldn’t see the quest book listed. There was some speculation from ‘Und1es’ suggesting that the offer might be PC-exclusive, as they couldn’t spot the offer on their PS5. A link to the each of these discussions can be found here, here and here.

Special Conditions

Interestingly, ‘overly_fertile_dude’ revealed that the challenges from the bundle must be completed in the new L3GO mode, and they would only appear if you select that specific mode.

Language Limitations

‘fnv_fan’ humorously pointed out the inability to say ‘Let’s go’ in the comment section and raised a pertinent question about the reason behind it. We couldn’t help but chuckle at it. Their comment can be found here.

In this exciting new happenstance, Fortnite is gifting its players with the Trailblazer Tai bundle, causing some excitement, curiosity, and a need to humorously vent about platform or comment restrictions. Let’s hope that those who have not yet claimed the bundle have a smooth process doing so and can participate in the L3GO mode without any hiccups.