Fortnite Fiasco: The Quest for Removeable Scopes and Crafting Options

A deep dive into the Fortnite community’s call for suiting weapon upgrades to personal play styles.

The gaming community is buzzing over the game ‘Fortnite’ once again, with heated discussions around the possibilities of added flexibility in weapon modification, primarily – the removal of scopes.


  • Proposals for an in-game feature to disengage weapon scopes.
  • A call for more crafting benches or atypical crafting options.
  • A demand for improved gameplay experience.

Weapon Modification: Cause for Debate

E_rat-chan sparked an engaging chat on the need for more agility with weapon modes in Fortnite. The key issue raised was the unwanted scope on weapons like shotguns and SMGs. A scope on these weapons often leads to a significant difference in whether players choose to pick it up, creating a hassle and interruption during gameplays especially after fights.

Players’ Perspective

Some players, like McClouds, weighed in agreeing that ‘having the ability to pull attachments off in the field would be a good comprise’ suggesting a real-time, tactical strategy enhancement in the game. This aspect also echoes in another comment by bravei69 with a firm belief in the idea of removing upgrades on the go. Yet, some, like Current-Addition 849 disagreed stating that there are plenty of crafting benches and weapons already available across the game.

The consequence of De-crafting

As much as the idea of weapon decrafting seems desirable, it could have potential pitfalls. In a fun comment from Tempest8008, he whimsically suggests any parts removed would result in weapons being called ‘Gimped’ – instilling a humorous twist to the debate.

Weighing Pros vs Cons

While providing more tailor-made weapon options could draw in more players and enrich the gaming experience, it also risks the potential of a cluttered gaming environment. With varying feedback, the question is, can the developers strike a balance between demand and practical gaming experience?

Just as the need for a scope varies per weapon and situation, views on this issue are just as diverse – creating a unique canvas that ensures Fortnite’s evolution never hits a pause.