Fortnite Fiasco: The Mysterious Lobby Music Restrictions

Curious about the recent restriction of Fortnite’s rise of the revenant lobby music? Let’s delve in!

The popular video game Fortnite often immerses its users in a unique, engaging experience. But recent restrictions on the game’s lobby music have led to quite the buzz in the Fortnite community.


  • The restriction was on the ‘Rise of the Revenant’ lobby music
  • There is confusion on the cause or reason for this restriction
  • Players have taken to online platforms to express their concerns and share theories

Disquiet Among the Ranks

Fortnite player Nich965 is one of the many baffled by this restriction, asking, “I don’t understand how lobby music and loading screens affect other players? Why do they have restrictions”. It’s clear there is confusion in the Fortnite community regarding this decision. This sentiment is shared by other commenters as well.

Theories Abound

Why this particular track? Carlys_Tech and OkamiRoxas suggest it could be because it has a ‘scawy’ vampire on it. As javaeclipse30 wittily observes, “I think Epic should consider that almost every kid in the world has watched Home Alone at the age of 3+.”

Music or Artwork?

NeonTiger1135 posits a curious theory that it’s not the music that is restricted, but the artwork accompanying the track “Because it’s only restricted because of the art of the MUSIC track, not the actual song (revenant kado). Art that YOU CAN STILL SEE WHEN HOVERING OVER IT.”.

The mystery of the lobby music restriction is one that continues to baffle the Fortnite fandom. The discussions regarding this baffling restriction have been spirited and have brought forth many theories. Whether because of spooky vampire images or confusing artwork, one thing is clear – Fortnite’s community will continue to voice their opinions in search of answers. There’s never a dull moment in the land of Fortnite, after all.