Fortnite Fiasco: Do You Really Die Jumping From Planes?

Fortnite fans debate game mechanics: does jumping from planes in-game equal certain death?

In the vibrant, animated world of Fortnite, player ‘DanceAggressive2666’ posed a question that generated a flurry of reactions within the gaming community: the query pertained to the in-game mechanic of jumping from planes. The player was unsure whether this action resulted in character death, as they recalled once receiving a glider upon aircraft egress and were hesitant to risk their rank during testing.


  • Players expressed varied opinions, with some humorously encouraging the jump and others offering practical advice on avoiding fall damage.
  • The discussion revolves around the perceived removal of ‘glider redeploy’ triggered upon jumping from planes.
  • Although humorous in instances, the debate underscores player frustration over uncertain game mechanics.

In-Game Mechanics Up for Debate

One player, ‘PlairinumYT’, voiced their preference for the current mechanics, meant to make ‘rendezooks’ feasible within the game. An opposing point of view, shared by ‘twohourr’, recounts a harrowing fall from the sky due to the disappearance of glider redeploy prompts.

Risk and Reward

‘IrreverentCrawfish’ and ‘Funky-Lion22’ shed light on avoiding fall damage by using in-game mobility items like balloons, gliders, rifts-to-go or grapplers. Thus, highlighting that players may need to make strategic decisions on the fly (quite literally).

Humor Amidst Confusion

Amidst the strategic discussion, certain responses like ‘BonelessHat’ assuring false safety and ‘CheweyBadge’ suggesting simple experimenting, add a light humor to this otherwise heated debate.

While Fortnite continues to undergo changes and updates to its gameplay, user queries like these are crucial in igniting conversations within the community, ultimately leading to a better gaming experience for all.