Fortnite Fiasco: Bridging the Divide Between Console and PC Gaming

A debate between Fortnite fans points out a platform-related bugbear, stirring emotion and evoking stimulating discourse.

In the energetic world of Fortnite, a recent concern expressed by user fELLAbUSTA has sparked a rather fiery discussion. The point in contention? Knowing the platform an opponent is playing on, post-mortem.


  • The visibility of an opponent’s gaming platform often leads to ill feelings and accusations of unfair advantage.
  • A proposed solution is to refrain from showing each gamer’s platform as it might lessen these platform-based squabbles.
  • Some players argue the perceived advantage is more of a scapegoat for poor performances.

The Catalyst for Crossfire

fELLAbUSTA’s agony appears to stem from the blame game between PC and console players. He suggests the display of an opponent’s platform has inflamed toxicity among users. This has led to blame being thrown, with accusations of ‘cheating’ often brought against opponents using a ‘roller.’

The Table Turns

Interesting enough, the accusations aren’t one-sided. fELLA mentions that console players are also fingered for supposedly having an unfair advantage, courtesy of MKB. Citing a comment contributed by Effective-Interest28, some players seize any source of blame to justify a loss instead of acknowledging their own slip-ups.

The Community Chimes In

Another user, userqwerty09123, proposes segregating mouse and keyboard players from those using controllers. This perspective however, has its critics like BEL1EVETHEHYPE, who shrugged off the issue as being blown out of proportion. On the other hand, a user named Notyouraveragegeorge suggests basing the game on input type could still maintain the essence of crossplay and make for a more balanced and fair play.

Players in Agreement

Nevertheless, there are also those who agree with the original post’s point of view, such as shutupimlearning, who believe this change could positively boost community sentiment. The thread of comments ultimately shows the range of opinions that exist in the Fortnite community about this topic.

Between the keyboard clacking and controller tapping, it seems that removing the ability to see your opponent’s gaming platform might indeed create a smoother playing experience for Fortnite gamers. While some players may insist on pinpointing their defeat on anything from unfair weapons to an opponent’s choice of gaming system, the notion of a more harmonious gaming environment seems appealing to most. How Epic Games chooses to approach this issue will surely define future engagements on the battleground that is Fortnite.