Fortnite Fashion Faux-Pas: Curious Case of the Disappearing Tails

Discover Fortnite’s skin tail removal feature: a design decision or a delightful glitch? Find out now!

In aviation, the tail is crucial for keeping the plane balanced in flight. But in the world of Fortnite, tails have a slightly different function. Apparently, if you equip a cape backbling on a skin with a tail in Fortnite, the tail is erased! Now that’s a Fortnite fashion statement we didn’t see coming.


  • The character skins’ tail removal seems to be caused by equipping a cape backbling according to Gr4pey, the original poster.
  • The feature seems to be intentional but some backblings like the ‘apocalypse shroud’ yet to exhibit this feature.
  • Despite the tail disappearing in the lobby, it sometimes reappears during a match
  • Players have mixed feelings about the feature and about the tails in general.

A Case of Missing Tails

As an avid trendsetter in Fortnite, I’ve seen some wild fashion choices. “It’s because of the rigging system. Tails take up cape2 slot it overwrites the slot because a cape takes up 1-3 slots“, explains a fellow player Cularia. So it seems to be a bit of a competition between capes and tails in the world of Fortnite outfits.

Cape, Tail or Both?

Not all agree with the tail-cape swap though. “I like Ariana Grande better with a cape than a tail”, says Myzticstyles. So we’ve got some fashion warriors choosing capes over tails for their Fortnite looks.

Gaming Glitch or Style Switch?

Is it a glitch or just another fun feature added by Fortnite developers? “Until you load into a match and the tail is there clipping through,” Cthulhu_Lhulhu warns. It seems like the tail removal might be a fleeting fashion.

In the end, whether you’re for the tail, for the cape, or for them both hanging out together, it seems like Fortnite has got your fashion interest at heart. Queue up, gamers, and don’t let your tails step on your capes.