Fortnite Fans Speak Up: Is It Time for More Connection in StW Packs?

Is Fortnite’s strategy with StW packs hitting the mark with their players? The community weighs in.

The Fortnite StW (Save the World) Packs introduction to the game hasn’t been well received by all. Several community members express their concerns with a perceived lack of connection to the actual game mode.


  • Many players feel that the new packs have little to no connection to the game mode.
  • Some perceive that these packs are a mere rehashing of existing game elements.
  • Players voiced displeasure with the quality of ‘skins’ included in the packs.

StW Packs: Missed Connection?

Players like ‘staleoldchewinggum’ feel that the these new additions severely lack connection to the original game mode. With remarks like ‘It’s honestly annoying that they continue to make more StW packs with no connection to the real game mode’, it’s clear there’s some frustration brewing within the community.

Understanding the Players’ Perspective

When it comes to understanding the Fortnite gamers’ grievances, it’s crucial to note their words. ‘sharkerboy_PSN’ encapsulates this sentiment perfectly, ‘One day, we will get no explanation …’, which suggests a deep anxiety about the future direction of the game.

The ‘Skin’ Problem

There’s more fuel to the fire when it comes to the quality of ‘skins’ attached with these StW packs. Users like ‘Rabenritter’ and ‘Pokeyourmom420’ explicitly express dissatisfaction with terms like ‘trashy skins’ and ‘trashcan skin’. This shows a set of fans feeling that the aesthetic value of the game is dropping.

Community feedback is vital for the ongoing success of a game, especially a popular one like Fortnite. Dissing the dissatisfaction that’s been voiced by the Fortnite community about the disconnection of these new StW packs to the original gameplay, and the quality of the skins would not be a good move. Feedback loops are crucial in all creative processes – the Fortnite team would do well to take these opinions into account. While it might be fun to ‘stir the pot’ with new changes, it seems that these adjustments might need a rethink.