Fortnite Fans Notice: Mikey’s Nunchucks Get a Glitch in Save The World Mode

Fortnite players discuss the bug affecting Mikey’s Nunchucks in STW mode and share unique insights.

With its intricately crafted world and ever-evolving gameplay elements, the popular video game Fortnite continues to enthrall gamers globally. Recently, a distinct issue with ‘Mikey’s Nunchucks’ in the Save The World (STW) mode has popped up on the players’ radar.


  • The problem sparked conversations revolving around the need for timely bug fixes and the overall quality assurance for Fortnite.
  • Players also expressed bemusement over the glitch, with many contributing with humorous remarks.
  • Demonstrating community spirit, some players offered possible solutions, while others urged Epic Games to address the situation.

Player Reactions

Among the earliest comments, one by a user named Mobster-503 provided a humorous take: ‘Welcome to the club, pal,’ an acknowledgement that bugs and glitches are an inevitable part of the gaming experience. It’s also evident that the community has developed a camaraderie in dealing with these shared disruptions.

In a slight twist on the situation, Failfoxnyckzex turned up the hyperbole, suggesting that this glitch ‘could be an easy excuse for a lawsuit.’ While probably not serious, this comment highlights the strong reactions glitches can provoke amongst passionate gamers.

Proposed Solutions

A user named Best_Ad8843 provided a unique insight into how Epic Games could possibly solve this glitch. By suggesting that a function call to the same animation process used in the Battle Royale (BR) code could fix the problem, the user highlighted the oft-felt necessity for the developers to enhance the codebase consistently across different game modes.

Even a bot chimed in, asking for detailed feedback to help Epic Games better understand the problem. The extensive guideline for error reporting, albeit automated, showcases the importance of this player feedback loop in iterative game development.


Stepping back from the fiasco of the ‘Mikey’s Nunchucks’ glitch, we can observe a recurring theme. Whether players are offering humorous remarks, reacting strongly, proposing solutions, or simply expressing their frustration, the community radiates an unwavering passion for the game. But most importantly, such situations remember us how impactful these discussions can be, forcing game developers, in this case, Epic Games, to adjust, fix and innovate, thereby consistently enhancing Fortnite’s gaming experience.