Fortnite Fans Express Discontent over Unchanged In-Game Shop

The latest update to Fortnite’s in-game shop left players frustrated due to its lack of changes.

Recent activity in the Fortnite community reveals widespread disappointment stemming from an apparently static in-game shop. DaddyKisser41 noted, citing, ironically, an additional hush skin appeared twice in the shop rather than any anticipated changes.


  • Users expressing disappointment at lack of new content.
  • Hopes for better Christmas skins remain unmet.
  • Lingering confusion over duplication of Hush skin.

Disappointment Abounds

Player FroggyBoi64 summed up prevailing sentiments quite eloquently, expressing disappointment and longing for the return of the Billy Bounce to the shop, instead of adding ‘literally nothing.’ (source)

Christmas Hopes Dashed

clynn19 echoed the disappointment, expressing hope for better Christmas skins and a more diverse offering than the current, underwhelming selection. (source)

Is There A Glitch in the Matrix?

However, Wwlink55 and Nerdson0999999 believe this could be just an error that will be fixed, noting the redundancy in the Hush skin offering. Is this a case of ‘double vision’? (source)

Unwavering in the face of the seismic unrest in the Fortnite community over this in-game shop change (or lack thereof!), KitFlix and TheListed2 remain hopeful for the reincarnation of beloved characters Goku Black and Empress. So, while we wait and see what Epic Games has in store for its frustrated fans, let’s remember – patience is a virtue, gamers! May the Fortnite be with you! (source).