Fortnite Fans Exclaim: ‘Stop Doing Building!’: A Community Perspective

How Fortnite players are expressing their desire for a more simplistic gameplay, focusing on the perceived overcomplexity of building…

The recently surfaced topic in the Fortnite community is the concern around the escalating complexity of building within the game. The sentiment, although clearly polarised, seems to be somewhat leaning towards the negative amidst the community members.


  • Towards a Simpler Time – Pro-Build Mode
  • The Zero-build Argument: ‘Less is More’
  • Permitted Toxicity?

A Return to Basics

Pivoting to the users who resonate with this sentiment, “InfernoTheHedgehog” nostalgically yearns for simpler times with the phrase: ‘Go back to when build mode was fun, just some walls and a ramp’, a sentiment that appears to be echoed by many.

The Zero-Build Controversy

While the argument for simplicity continues to gain traction, it’s important to note the opinions of those more inclined towards the zero-build mode. Players such as “999yachtclub” and “FlightFinal3057” point out that this contention was possibly initiated by zero-build players, hinting at an underlying player rivalry.

Community Tension

This sentiment has not been without its fair share of controversy, however. One user, “ChipperWP”, questions the moderation of these discussions, arguing that posts like these encourage toxicity among the community members.

Impact on the Game

Lastly, it’s worth noting the effect this may have on the game itself. “WheatleyTurret” points out that the introduction of zero-build has adversely affected Fortnite, as maps must now cater to both builders and non-builders alike, thus reducing the overall complexity and experience.

In between this seemingly harmless debate, lies the real question. Are we losing that unique flavour of Fortnite in the hopes of simplifying gameplay? Or is this just a another stage in the game’s evolution responding to its diverse audience’s desires? Only time will tell.