Fortnite Fandom: The Greatest Couples According to Gamers’ Perspectives

Get a glimpse of Fortnite players’ humorous responses on who the best couple is within the gaming universe.

In the heart of Fortnite’s enthusiastic gaming community, TreeTrunks00 dared all to name a stronger duo, sparking a comedic thread of responses.


  • Humor permeates the Fortnite community’s dialogues – it seems no one can resist a good punchline!
  • The post lacks a predetermined context, welcoming varied answers and embracing different elements of the wider gaming universe.
  • Comments reveal a diverse range of ‘favourite-couples’, reflecting varying in-game favorites and personal biases.

A Whacky Start

The thread kicks off with Mr_Phishe‘s humorous proposition: ‘Epic and your money’. This is a wink to the money players put into the game for its special features.

It takes a hilariously odd turn when Looysen swings in with ‘Me and your mom’ – A classic low-brow joke, simultaneously absurd and snort-inducing.

When The Fictional Become Decontextualized

Players also dive into their game lore to fish out power-duos. With Loomling‘s ‘The Ghost and Shadow Henchmen’, the game’s non-playable characters get their spotlight. Amidst the humor, fans’ genuine enjoyment in the game’s elements shines through.

Our merry train also hits a puzzling pitstop when Ama_7164 offers ‘Two frogs at a wedding’. While seemingly to make little sense, it’s a whimsical comment that actually pulls from an obscure Fortnite advert, showcasing a player’s depth of knowledge.

From Fortnite To Pop-Culture

Interestingly enough, the conversation also expands beyond the game’s borders. Taking a trip into pop-culture, First_Competition284 brings in ‘Naruto and Hinata’ – beloved characters from the anime series Naruto. This serves as a reminder of Fortnite’s cross-pollination with popular culture, from skin designs to dance emotes.

Continuing this buzz, rwak9 introduces another iconic duo – ‘Mario and Luigi’, from the globally adored Mario franchise. Such instances highlight the gamers’ wider interests.

We see the humor-comradery mix that Fortnite invites among its players. From unexpected jokes to showcasing deep gaming knowledge, and hopping into favourite pop-culture duos, this post proved to be a light-hearted and fun tribute to various ‘fan-favourite’ couples.