Fortnite Fandom: The Concert Showdown of Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Ariana Grande

Epic Fortnite concerts – who rocked it best? Travis, Marshmello, or Ariana? Dig into our blog to see what the gamer community thinks.

In the global multiplayer phenomenon known as Fortnite, the question that’s currently shaking up the battleground isn’t about in-game tactics or gear. Instead, it’s a musical showdown between Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Ariana Grande, each of whom has staged an ear-popping, sight-dazzling concert within the game’s virtual world.


  • Fans seem to regard Travis Scott’s concert as a transformative, grand-scale event that truly elevated Fortnite’s in-game experiences.

  • The Marshmello concert, though older, retains a fond place in fans’ hearts. It represents an earlier era when such spectacular events were less expected, thereby adding a touch of nostalgia.

  • Ariana Grande’s concert is praised for its safety, yet it still generated mixed reviews about the overall experience.

Travis Scott: A Concert Experience of Epic Proportions

The Fortnite fan base appears to lean heavily towards Travis Scott’s concert as the ultimate musical experience. Whether they knew of him before the event or not, players lauded the concert as a true game-changer. GulianoBanano admitted: “I don’t like Travis Scott at all but I gotta admit that event was awesome.” Gunner_KC even described it as a “true concert experience.”

Marshmello: The OG Fortnite Concert

Marshmello’s concert holds a special place for many Fortnite gamers. Despite not being as grandiose as the subsequent concerts, fans credit Marshmello for setting the stage for those epic performances to come. As GulianoBanano shared, “Marshmello was great for its time…”

Ariana Grande: A Safe Concert with Mixed Feelings

While not the top choice, Ariana Grande’s Fortnite concert also got its fair share of praises, with Skelibutt preferring her performance above all others. Safety, however, was a notable highlight and something many loved about Grande’s concert. maybenooooo876 even cited that, “everyone got home safe after the virtual concert.”

All three events shook the Fortnite community, and the debate over which one outdid the other continues to be a hot topic. Despite the divided opinions, one thing is indisputable: these virtual concerts have become milestones in the gaming world, further blending the line between music, games, and digital experiences. Hold on to your game controllers, because we can’t wait to see who Fortnite brings to their virtual stage next!