Fortnite Fandom Stirs: The Metal Gear Skin Everyone Wants

Explore what Fortnite players think about the possibility of a Metal Gear skin integration. The wait is as suspenseful as the game itself.

Nothing gets Fortnite fans as thrilled as the prospect of new skins, based on a recent suggestion by a HopefulEMSPilot. The possibility of a highly desired skin from the acclaimed Metal Gear series seems to have resulted in an engaging discussion amongst our friends on the internet’s favorite discussion platform. The fans are not just hopeful; they’re excited, impatient, and potentially, a bit nostalgic.


  • Users are excited about the possibility of a Metal Gear skin.
  • Some comments show nostalgia for the beloved character.
  • A sense of humor is evident, indicating positive sentiment.

The Hopeful and The Hesitant

HopefulEMSPilot stirs up the hive with a well-directed query that taps into the players’ love for fresh aesthetics and the treasured lore of Metal Gear. “Really hoping they decide to put out some more skins from the series” speaks volumes about the underlying anticipation. This sentiment is echoed by siavshbositsy who exclaims, “Omg, dats gna look siiick! I need it nooow”. On the other hand, Tallguy415 looks back with a mixed sense of fondness and frustration. “I hated this bastard. It took me forever to find him and beat that area,” he shares.

Creative Concepts and Witty Banter

Adding to this intriguing mix are ideas for how the potential skin can redefine the gameplay experience. “Imagine dying of old age if you camp,” chortles Lanoman123. The thought does not actually seem far-fetched, considering the famously eldritch and immersive world of Metal Gear. Meanwhile, others drop skin names like “Fortune,” drawing on the well-established lore of the Metal Gear franchise.

A Unifying Thread

The impression is unanimous that the incorporation of the Metal Gear skin into Fortnite will bring a much-wanted refresh. TriggeredLatina_ adds a layer of socio-cultural consciousness to the discussion by saying “FrankJeagerLifeMatters” – a nod to increased inclusivity and representation in digital avatars, perhaps?

Whether it’s the contemplation of a skin, its gameplay implications, or the hilarious back-and-forth, the conversation has turned into an immersive discussion. The incoming Metal Gear skin carries the potential of freshness with nostalgia, a captivating combination that has left Fortnite enthusiasts engaged and enthralled. And as our friends have adequately shown – when it comes to Fortnite, the game extends well beyond the battlefield.