Fortnite Fan Fixes Flawed UI Locker: An Unsettling Undercurrent Among The Community

A deeper look into the Fortnite user experience and the current discontent over the newly introduced UI locker.

The Fortnite community is often buzzing with unreserved feedback, but the recent overhaul of the game’s User Interface (UI) locker has stirred more than just casual discussions.


  • A user, channelling frustration into creative energy, has redesigned the new Fortnite UI Locker.
  • The sentiment leans negative, with most community members unhappy about the recent changes.
  • Wisecracks came aplenty, consisting of wide-ranging suggestions for Epic Games to hire this UX savvy gaming enthusiast.

Peaceful Protests through Design

In a bold move, user SevenNight_epic effectively said ‘Hold my Chug Jug’, and reimagined the game’s shaky locker interface. Pulling no punches, the communal consensus was fairly unanimous-this redesign was superior and should be officially considered.

Comments Keeping It Real

In some very jocular jabs, Josh1EWawa compared the task to a ‘Storm Circle,’ stating, ‘Glad to see that someone else with more talent than me knows how to do UI design.’ Furthermore, FoxyAndSonic967 wondered aloud how Epic managed to ‘mess it up that badly.’

A Call for Epic Changes of Epic Proportions

Contributors like TorreGamer and VGPlaysGD, felt the sensible solution was for Epic Games to offer SevenNight_epic employment to align the game’s UX more closely with its users’ expectations.

It’s clear-while the developers continue to create an immersive Fortnite world with new features, the UI locker revamp could be likened to slipping on a Banana Peelie. But amidst the clinking pickaxes and gun fires, the users’ creative discourse might not just echo through the Misty Meadows. It’s muffled, but pretty hilarious and cheeky. And that, while it doesn’t entirely drown the sound of dissatisfaction, makes it a bit too noisy to ignore.