Fortnite Fail: Unclaimed Medallion Mystery Solved

Dive into the intriguing tale of an overlooked medallion on the Fortnite map, and discover why players decided to skip it!

In the unconventional realm of Fortnite, few things puzzle players more than a shiny, unclaimed medallion. An intriguing tale unfolded as the game’s avatars discovered why this seemingly valuable item was left untouched.

What Went Down

  • Post author ‘imalonexc’ and other gamers spotted an unclaimed medallion on the map.
  • Upon discovering the medallion, they found it strangely inaccessible, causing both curiosity and frustration.
  • Various suggestions were thrown around in a bid to figure out why nobody had taken the medallion, creating a lively discussion amongst the community.

The Sound of Silence…Not

Several players noticed something off with the audio during this mysterious event. Post commenter ‘xist6nce’ voiced their confusion, asking ‘Bro wtf is wrong with your audio?’. ‘Electronic-Ad7568’ empathised, chiming in about their ‘poor ears’. It seems the odd soundscape played a significant role in this Fortnite mystery.

Zip Line Zinger

‘KiritoKvn’ declared that the medallion couldn’t be accessed due to the placement of unbreakable zip lines. ‘You can’t break the zip line or anything’, they said. ‘JustTheMane’ agreed, while ‘Bugsyboy369’ offered some insight into the mechanics of the game, pointing out that if the zip line was attached to a breakable floor, it could be disrupted. However, this usually happens with ascenders and tall buildings, and not with zip lines, which usually spawn on natural terrain.

Train of Thought

‘Noobu_assassin’ threw another scenario into the ring, mentioning that a similar situation happens on the in-game train. This comparison provided a new perspective on the discussion, showing that this wasn’t an isolated incident.

After all the comments, theories, and discussions, the truth about the unclaimed medallion emerged. It was not about the value of the medallion nor the difficulty in accessing it, but simply due to the piercing audio and the incorrectly attached zip line. Fellow Fortnite players, let this be a lesson – not all that glitters is gold!