Fortnite Faceoff: Golden Peely vs Ice King, Who Rules the Grind?

A heated debate unfolds among Fortnite fans: Golden Peely or Ice King, which Season 7 skin takes the cake?

Fortnite, a game synonymous with long nights and big battles, has stirred a lively debate among players with the return of its original season 7 skins. The question that has the gaming community fiercely divided is this: Which skin was a bigger grind – Golden Peely or Ice King?


  • Golden Peely seems to be the most challenging to get according to the majority of commenters.
  • Ice King, though also a grind, was considered less taxing to the players.
  • A considerable number of players express regret, even dismay, for not obtaining Golden Peely.

Voicing Players’ Opinion

Suoca voices the majority sentiment stating, “Golden Peely for sure.” This statement supports the resume that the Golden Peely skin was indeed the harder one to obtain. Another user, Loomling, offers a blunt take, “It’s peely and it’s not even close.”

The Rarity of Golden Peely

If rarity determined value, Golden Peely would win hands down – a sentiment underscored by _Hideyourwife_ who comments, “Golden peely 100%. I have him and I had to no life that season. Won’t ever do it again. Easily one of the rarest skins in the game.” Not every player had such dedication, as expressed by TiredConrad who mentions still being bummed out for not getting Peely.

The Underestimated Ice King

While Golden Peely was the star of the show, Ice King wasn’t without its defenders. Inky_Train remarks that “Gold ice king wasn’t that hard to get” showcasing that there was a variance in player challenge experiences. For some players, the Ice King was a welcome alternative, as expressed by WindSlicerEXG who surprisingly says, “I didn’t play that much and I still have golden ice king.”

All these differing perspectives highlight the unique experiences and challenges players encounter in a shared virtual world. In the realm of Fortnite, some battles are fought on the battlefield, while others are fought on Reddit comments – leading to some well-skinned arguments!