Fortnite Face-off: STW Outplaying Creative Mode’s Player Count?

A look into the surprising imbalance of player count between Fortnite’s STW and Creative modes.

In the complex battle arena of Fortnite, a remarkable phenomenon has emerged as Save the World (STW) seems to have more simultaneous players than Creative mode. This controversial Reddit thread brings players head-to-head in a digital debate.


  • The correlation between player count and accessibility.
  • Players’ frustrations over technical issues.
  • A call for a shift in developmental focus.

Player Volume vs Accessibility

Reddit user ‘Medium_Pomelo_6312’ delivers an interesting point in their comment, noting that while Battle Royale (BR) and Creative Islands have more participants, the count is significant in STW as these players have actually paid to play. They raise the point: how high could the numbers go if STW was free? This notable question draws attention to the relationship between accessibility and player count.

Reliability Issues

‘feochampas’ touched on a different angle, depicting their personal struggle with in-game disconnections. They expressed frustration over being booted from games even deep into battles, a powerful example that reliability still remains a pivotal concern for many Fortnite players.

Untapped Potential

One stirring sentiment came from ‘xcrimsonlegendx’, who expressed their belief that STW could achieve greater heights if prioritized. They argued that STW was abandoned for BR, a developmental decision that they believe has cut STW’s growth short. This perspective suggests a need for a shift in Epic Games’ developmental strategy.

In light of these insights, the contentious dialogue between Fortnite’s STW and Creative modes offer multiple dimensions to consider when evaluating player count. From accessibility to technical reliability, to development strategy, it is clear that Fortnite’s community is as dynamic and passionate as the game itself. While STW having more concurrent players than Creative may have seemed surprising initially, it’s evident that it is a blend of many key factors that contribute to such an occurrence.