Fortnite Craze: Scott Pilgram Universe Invades the Battle Royale!

Popular request for Scott Pilgram themed content in Fortnite. Contributions on the idea range from critic to supporter.

Following the Fortnite Festival, a proposal for the introduction of the Scott Pilgram universe into Fortnite has taken the battleground by storm.


  • User Reintime_ envisions Scott Pilgram skins derived from both the comic and live action iterations, including band instruments as additional content.
  • Fans express a vehement desire for more in-game character skins. Quotes by bullshark4ever, PlatypusExtreme5287, and lilpreemie highlight the fandom’s keen interest.
  • Despite the excitement, certain fans hold reservations. A word by Jixleas serves as a solemn reminder that not every fan is enthusiastic about the possible crossover.

Excitement and Anticipation

Upon reading users’ comments like those of lilpreemie’s demand for Matthew Patel’s skin or Iloveitguy’s readiness to pay for such an update, it’s clear that the concept sparks excitement.

Prospective Characters and their ‘Instruments’

Comments contain various creative flourishes, such as bullshark4ever’s idea of an color changing hair wheel for Ramona, to Suckisnacki’s desire to take the Wallace skin to town, and have a ‘go crazy’ time in the Fortnite ‘verse.

Contrarian Opinions

While many users are excited at the prospect, users like Jixleas offer a contrasting viewpoint, hinting at the prospect of stirring of toxicity, should the Scott Pilgram universe indeed make its way into Fortnite.

In an ever-changing landscape like Fortnite, one comment rises above the resounding cheer and chatter of fandom furor. Let’s take a step back here, as user Unrealeh sensibly inserts a different collab suggestion, ‘The Boys’, namedropping the edgy superhero TV show as a contender for a Fortnite crossover. Let’s not forget, the decision eventually rests with Epic Games. Who knows, maybe our next Battle Royale escapade could see us as star bassist Scott……or buffed up Homelander? Scott Pilgram in Fortnite is far from a done deal, but it’s certainly a concept that’s captured imaginations!