Fortnite Community Speaks Out: Bring Back The Old Lobby!

This blog post highlights the Fortnite community’s sentiment regarding the current game lobby, featuring their recounts and comments.

Controversy is afoot in the Fortnite community. The point of discussion? The recent change in game lobby, a topic that has caused quite a stir amongst fans. Front_Package_5982, in his second post brought this forward.


  • Users perceive the new lobby to be cumbersome and overloaded
  • A general sentiment for nostalgia and the ease that came with the traditional Fortnite lobby
  • An evident demand for streamlined navigation and mode selection
  • A mixture of individual student perspectives, not all in agreement with Front_Package_5982

Diverse Reactions

Post responses vary, with some users sharing the same perspective as Front_Package_5982. Drex678 referred to the new lobby as akin to a mobile screen, while moistahhcrack was more vocal about the new lobby’s bugs and unattractiveness. Walmart_Bag_2042 had a more composed standpoint, with the mode selection screen being his main pain point.

Opposing Opinions

On the other end of the spectrum, BradleyAllan23 and batbugz conveyed their satisfaction with the new changes, terming it as fine and ‘more likable’ respectively. Chance-Order-5385 even went ahead to state that the new lobby is leagues better.

The Role of Developers

Intertwined with these discussions was the exhortation directed to Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite. While some users like craigandthesoph argue that complaints on Reddit might not influence the developer’s decisions, others like Front_Package_5982 are more hopeful, urging Epic Games to see the outcry and act upon it.

Regardless of where the players stand on this spectrum, it’s clear that the game lobby’s redesign has touched the nerve of many—and not in a good way. This sentiment has laid bare the necessity of player-centric designs in games, especially as popular as Fortnite. Whether Epic Games will consider these appeals and bring back the old lobby, or continue on their current trajectory remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: The Fortnite community, a power in itself, continues to be passionate and vocal about their online world.