Fortnite Community Reminisces Over the Patrol Ward Trap: A Love/Hate Relationship?

Fortnite’s Patrol Ward trap — do players miss it? We dive into a lively discussion to find out!

The Fortnite community has always embraced vibrant discussions about game mechanics, and today we delve into a debate around the Patrol Ward trap. One player, Windermed, recently sparked an intriguing conversation about whether this nostalgic feature is missed.


  • The Patrol Ward trap is perceived as either a redundant tool or a valuable asset, depending largely on the player’s play style and experience.
  • The trap’s cost-effectiveness and efficacy are highly disputed.
  • Despite the varied opinions, a significant number of players expressed a longing for a more comprehensive tutorial on how to properly utilize the trap.
  • There’s a clear call for a reevaluation of the trap’s design and integration into the game.

The Utility Debate

Some players were quick to comment on their experiences using the Patrol Ward trap. ItsMetabtw confesses, “I never really saw a point in them tbh…” mirroring the sentiment of many players who saw eliminating Husks directly as a more viable tactic. On the other hand, players like ReturnoftheSnek and funnyghostman state that the trap’s cost and inconsistent results were detrimental to its utility.

Rethink or Reintroduce?

While there may be hesitance to reintroduce the Patrol Ward trap in its original form, a revamp of the trap’s mechanics could potentially be a win-win. As JoellJoelly reflects, “I wouldn’t say I miss them but I do wish Epic had fixed them or repurposed them rather than just scrapping them.” Meanwhile, ferb73craft adds, “If Epic ever brought them back, they need to give them a whole tutorial because I never knew what they did.”

Newbie vs Veteran

The differing perspectives seem to hinge on how much experience the players had in the game. Newer entrants like AmbitiousLock2921 expressed regret at not having been around when the trap was part of the game. Veterans, however, echo mrhotshotbot‘s sentiment, “…They were worth 2 quartz to build in peace (especially in high level radar missions).”

Lastly, it’s clear that Fortnite’s journey like any other gaming adventure is filled with upheavals, debates, and GUISE – ‘gameplay under Internet scrutiny and evaluation’ – that shapes the game experience. Whether the Patrol Ward trap makes a comeback or not, players will continue to band together and enjoy this epic game!