Fortnite Community Reactions: TMNT, Lego and Festival Integration – Where Are The Vehicles?

Confused Fortnite players wonder why the Turtle’s iconic vehicle hasn’t made it to the game yet. Join in on the discussion!

Fortnite players are puzzled about one thing: if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lego, and Festivals have been integrated into the Battle Royale, then why hasn’t the TMNT’s iconic vehicle made the transition too? While some might write this off as an oversight, Fortnite enthusiasts find it hard to gloss over.


  • Depths of Integration: The concern raised pertains to Fortnite’s integrated branded content, where licensed elements aren’t all included in every game mode.
  • TMNT Cars Missing from Rocket Racing: Despite the implementation of TMNT characters, their iconic vehicle is notably missing from Rocket Racing. This has perplexed players.
  • Community Response: Comments range from humorous to serious, as gamers ponder the reasoning or lack of behind this exclusion.

A Community Baffled

Player DerekMilewski quips, ‘Probably too big’, providing laughter to alleviate the disappointment. Meanwhile, player toomerboomer channels the same confusion towards a different issue in their comment, ‘Why have we not received their weapons in Save the World?‘ Highlighting yet again an inconsistency in the application of additional branded content.

Toeing the Line

In amongst the jests and queries, an authoritative voice popped up. The AutoModerator stepped in to remind players of the necessary subdivision of topics across different subreddits. This comment, while crucial for maintaining order, adds an additional layer to the community discourse, a reminder of the complexities involved in managing such a diverse and dynamic platform.

Such an Oversight, or Strategic Move?

This discrepancy raises pertinent questions around Fortnite’s licensing strategy and decisions regarding branded content integration. Could this be an oversight, or is it a calculated move to generate buzz and anticipation for future updates? Regardless, it’s clear that the Fortnite community is dialed in, ready to lively dissect and discuss every facet of their favorite game.

So, will we get to see the TMNT vehicle in Rocket Racing? Turn your conjectures into certainties by joining us on this rollercoaster ride of Fortnite series. Who knows what Epic Games has in store for us? Keep gaming, and remember, it’s not always just fun and games, it can be some serious discussion too! The seemingly missing TMNT vehicle is proof enough of this. Let’s keep those thumb-sticks moving and the conversations flowing!