Fortnite and Family Guy Mashup: More Skins on the Horizon?

Fortnite’s current inclusion of Family Guy raises speculation of more character skins. What do players think?

Fortnite has always thrived on its engaging collaborations and recently we’ve seen our favorite Family Guy character, Peter Griffin, join the roster. However, this has sparked speculation over additional Family Guy skins to hit the shop later down the road.

The Speculation

  • Do more Family Guy skins make sense in Fortnite?
  • What characters do players believe should be included?
  • What are the potential benefits of additional Family Guy skins?

Player’s Reactions and Predictions

As far as predictions go, some players like TheGirlWhoLeaptTime believe that ‘Family Guy’s time in Fortnite might already be over‘. However, others like MuscleManRule34 have a wishlist of their own, expressing their excitement over a potential squad made up of Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe from Family Guy.

The Preferred Character Skins

When it comes to preferred character skins, players get creative with their suggestions. Users like x_conqueeftador69_x see this as a ‘missed opportunity for Epic to bring back Tender Defender’, while JetSetPhantom is pretty sure they could see Lois in her combat outfit from the dramatic ‘Lois kills Stewie’ episode.

Future of Family Guy in Fortnite

The integration of Family Guy into Fortnite has both practical and entertaining aspects. While creating a humorous atmosphere, it also opens up ample opportunities for gameplay variety and customization, making the probability of more Family Guy skins in the game’s future a valid point of discussion.

In the end, it’s all up to Epic Games – but knowing their dedication to entertaining collaborations, we’re hoping to see a broader roster of Family Guy skins hit the game in the future. Only time will tell. Until then, don your Peter Griffin skin and enter the Battle Bus – who knows, Quagmire might be your next squad mate!