Fortnite: A Look into the Cowboy and Cowgirl Skins Dilemma

An engaging exploration of Fortnite’s discussion on the lack of Cowboy and Cowgirl skins.

The scenario is as old as gaming itself: a Fortnite player, known as CephalonZAG, embarks on a quest to satiate his thirst for all things Wild West-themed within the game. His earnest inquiry sparks a vibrant discussion that lights a path through the dusty trail of missing cowboy and cowgirl skins in Fortnite.


  • A clear desire among players for thematic skins.
  • Players knowledgeably point out potential options.
  • The conversation indicates the complexity of skin availability.
  • Jostling for the best cowboy skin title gets competitive.

User Input on Cowboy Skins

User Aprze fired the first shot, introducing Rustler as an option. User DerekMilewski turns up the heat by tossing in Dead fire and Calamity skins and proudly holding high Dead fire as the king of cowboys.

Bringing in Battle Pass Skins

The conversation takes a slight turn here, with Hunty-Bee mentioning Calamity, but signaling that she was locked behind an old Battle Pass.

A Toss-Up – Cowboy or Farmer?

Adding another layer to the discussion we have JustAnotherCarmine, who throws in Deadfire, Calamity, and Rustler too but brings an intriguing twist with a farmerJonesy version that bears a passing resemblance to cowboy aesthetics.

In Fortnite’s Wild West territory, the search for cowboy and cowgirl skins appears to be a quest worth undertaking, especially if you’re a fan of the genre. Players are passionate about their character skins, each having their own champion in the ring, so to speak. Whilst the road may be fraught with differing opinions and uncertainty about Battle Pass exclusivity, it’s clear that the spirit of the Wild West thrives in the community’s thirst for this rustic aesthetic. With so much light shed on this subject, perhaps Fortnite might rustle up more of these Western skins for its eager player-base soon.