Fortnite: A Fun Dive into the Most Poorly Animated Skins

Explore the lively, humorous discussions on Fortnite’s most debated topic: the quality of character skin animations.

In the bustling virtual world of Fortnite, individuality is king. Character skins often steal the limelight, with some commanding love, laughter, and at times, a little disagreement, specifically concerning animation quality.


  • fry & Leela skins garnered laughs while Lexa seemed to have little love lost.
  • Many compared the Bakugo skin to a horror show, with its disappearing features.
  • Vader‘s cape and The Terminator‘s shoulders sparked interesting debates.

Skins with a Sense of Humor?

Yeah Fry & Leela.” expressed DieselFloss with a chuckle. Others took a more compassionate stance, “Look how they massacred my boy“, mourned KawaiiKaiju55 over the Lexa skin.

Animations That Raise Eyebrows

liminalb0y couldn’t hide his astonishment, “Bro if you just look at Bakugo’s face straight forward in the locker his nose disappears 💀“. BradleyAllan23 subtly points out technical limitations, “It looks like a low resolution and lack of anti aliasing are messing with the look of the thin black lines.

Skin Imperfections: Feature or Bug?

Humerous imperfections and quirks added another layer to players’ skin choices. Deal_Hugs_Not_Drugs mused over the Beat Box emote, “That the beat box emote?” Meanwhile, Albebak4546 noted The Terminator skin’s broken shoulders with certain emotes, “The terminator skins shoulders break if you do certain emotes.

And so friends, as we dive into the lively world of Fortnite, let’s remember to approach every poorly animated skin or errant expression with a grain of salt and a hearty laugh. After all, it’s the quirks and imperfections that turn a game into a lively, rollercoaster of fun. Who knows, your favorite character’s wonky eyes might just be the spark you need to make your day a tad bit brighter!