Festive Fortnite Factions: Where Allegiances Lie

Unravel the faction loyalties of Fortnite users during the festive season. It’s all about Santa hats and color choices!

In the spirit of festive cheer, Fortnite players are tearing the community along color lines – a vibrant battle of reds and blues. The prompt, as presented by user ThatAutisticRedditor, was simple: ‘Which side are you on?’


  • Accentuating seasonal colors is a big deal for players.
  • Blue is popular, but not without competition.
  • There’s a minority faction of Santa hat loyalists.
  • Not everyone is excited about red or blue.

A Seasonal Spectrum

Color allegiances shift with the change of seasons as user Kurtrus pointed out, choosing ‘Blue for December, Red for the rest of winter’. Clearly there’s a popular shift in color pallete in harmony with the yuletide season that sways the loyalties of some players.

Santa’s Sartorial Impact

Loyal to the Santa hat, user aminsino recounted ‘Blue mostly bc of santa hat’. Here we see the impact a single decorative element can have on a community, and the rise of a microfaction within broader Fortnite group allegiances based solely on a fondness for Saint Nick’s style.

The Non-Aligned

It’s clear not everyone is fired up about picking a color, as user _Moist_Owlette_ candidly confessed ‘I kind of. Don’t like either?’. This folks, is a reminder that even amidst the red and blue fervor, there are quiet rebels who refuse the binary.

Fractured Factions and Colorful Camaraderie

The conversation sparked by ThatAutisticRedditor has shown a mirrors the yuletide season – ranging from passionate red and blue advocates, to those marching to the beat of their own drum. What stands out is that color and costume choices have a significant bearing on Fortnite engagements, clearly demarcating factions even when only seasonally.

It’s clear that Fortnite players have a keen sense of fun, color and seasonal connection not easily reducible to binary options, and it’s a glorious rainbow to witness in action.