Feathers Ruffled in ‘Honkai: Star Rail’s’ Spicy Pelicana Collab Event

Navigate through gamer’s highs, lows, and chuckles when Honkai: Star Rail collaborates with Pelicana Chicken.

It’s not every day that Honkai: Star Rail collides with the real world – or the culinary world, for that matter. But in ‘Pelicana Collab’, users experienced just this spicy fusion, and came out with mixed results, and greasy fingers. The post-author, high_trash97, found themselves doubling up on March’s instead of snagging Dan Heng, and the sentiment was all too relatable.


  • Players expressed both excitement and disappointment with the collab results.
  • Fans are intrigued by the real-world integration, but some are left wanting more.
  • Prices and availability became topics of avid discussion among users.

Unlucky Draws

High_trash97 wasn’t the only one bemoaning their luck – user projecthurley had a surplus of March 7th and was in search of a Dan Heng trade. Meanwhile, post commentator NakedHomelessPirate outright reported that his location only had Dan Heng. It seems the gotchas transcended the game and into the real world!

Pricey Quests?

Several users dived into the financial aspects of their quests. The cost of the special menu remained elusive for WashWeak6434 and Different-Phone-5242, sparking considerable discussion about the accessibility, or lack thereof, of the Pelicana Collab’s prized items.

More Than A Game?

Still, for others, the Pelicana Collab was seen as a unique experience that grew beyond the bounds of the game. Critically, this event encouraged some to step out into the physical realm and visit new places, as Papacado9 optimistically detailed in their comment about visiting Atlanta.

It’s interesting how the excitement, disappointment, and sometimes sheer confusion from our gameplay have the power not only to influence our actions in virtual universes but also to spur us into action in the real world. Whether it’s the elation of scoring our favorite character in a collab or the frustration of getting an overdose of March, these experiences infuse our day-to-day with just a dash more fun, flavor (and yes, chicken). As we navigate future collabs in both Honkai: Star Rail and our local eateries, we know to be ready for anything – surprises, doubles, and the unexpected craving for fried chicken. Here’s to the next serving of Honkai: Star Rail’s spicy, RNG-flavored world!