Fans Weigh In On Best ‘Call of Duty’ Game Trailers: An Unexpected Adventure

Call of Duty fans debate best game trailers. Do the originals hold up or do the new ones steal the show?

In the world of ‘Call of Duty’, everyone has an opinion. Recently, a simple question was asked: ‘Which game do you think had the best trailer?’


  • The original MW2 emerged again and again in the discussion as a strong contender.
  • Interestingly, Infinite Warfare’s controversial but striking trailer also received a strong vote of confidence.
  • Old favorites clashed with new releases, indicating a wide dissemination of opinions due to diverse player experiences.

Unconventional Choices

Infinite Warfare’s trailer found an unexpected fan in No-March-5818, who highlighted its show-off of the campaign. ‘It might mostly be because of that rendition of Space Oddity by We Came as Romans,‘ they explained.

The OGs Getting Love

hartfelt shakeupocus came in the form of the Modern Warfare 2 trailer, which flooded the thread with appreciation and nostalgia. Both george123890yang and ScarPineapple lobbied for its status as best trailer, while minahebi admitted it ‘hyped me so much.’ It seems love for the original trailers runs deep and strong.

Mixed Opinions and Unexpected Choices

Mixed opinions emerged elsewhere in the post. From praises for Black Ops 3 to the unexpectedly deep comment of MrKevora, who quoted ‘A lie is a lie. Just because they write it down and call it history, doesn’t make it the truth.‘ A reflection on the nature of the game, perhaps?

As all good debates should, this left us with more questions than answers. But one thing is for sure: whether you find nostalgia in the old or excitement in the new, ‘Call of Duty’ manages to enthrall players with its trailers, no matter the game.