Fans Demand More Jojo in Fortnite: A Heated Discussion

Insightful analysis of Fortnite fans’ dialogue on integrating characters from Jojo into the battle royale game.

The Fortnite community is abuzz with a question posed by Redditor Glittering_Doughnut5 about the integration of characters, specifically 'her' from Jojo, into the lore of the game universe.


  • Gamer opinions are split regarding the introduction of Jojo characters in Fortnite
  • Some Redditors express an outright need for the character F.F.
  • Others stand by willingly paying for the game if Jojo skins are introduced

The Need for F.F.

The desire for Jojo characters in Fortnite is made quite evident with a particular focus on one commenter, Secret_Language_4208, who emphatically stated, “I NEED F.F.”. This need is also echoed by EmptiJakk, who, being a fan of F.F. themselves mentioned, “As a FF lover I can confirm we need this.”

The Case Against Jojo

While the introduction of Jojo seems popular, not everyone is on board. AWOOGABIGBOOBA disagrees and says, “hopefully never.” This prompts a debate about whether adding new dimensions (like Jojo characters) to the game would enrich the play or over complicate it.

Surprising Absence of Jojo

Redditor Internetk1d is surprised that Jojo characters are yet to make an appearance in Fortnite, commenting “Actually surprising that we don’t have any Jojo character tbh.” This shows Fortnite’s reputation for incorporating various pop culture elements and how fans expect to see this trend continue.

Commercial Appeal

There seems to be a commercial aspect driving fans’ desire for Jojo characters in Fortnite. The_Calvery states, “I would spend money on this game for the first time if they dropped JoJo skins.” This has a potential implication for Fortnite—could the introduction of Jojo characters enhance game monetization?

Fortnite and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. No one’s sure if it’s a match made in heaven or a boil on the backside of the Battle Bus. But what is clear is that Fortnite fans love to dream and speculate. After all, the spirit of the game is remixing and mashing up pop culture references in a giant blender. Let’s wait and see if that blender will one day spin with the fascinating and strange flavor of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Until then, it’s back to the Battle Bus, mates!