Fan Suggestions for an Amalgam Map in Fortnite’s Upcoming Chapter

Are you curious about what Fortnite’s map might look if it combined multiple maps? Read along!

The popular multi-genre video game Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, has been sparking imaginations lately. Particularly, a recent proposition of a unified gaming platform integrating multiple Points of Interest (POIs) from various Fortnite maps.


  • Fans are thrilled about the proposal and have shared their suggestions on what the new map should include.
  • The notion of including multiple biomes, particularly snow biomes, has been very popular among the fans.
  • Certain locations like the Mega city faced criticism and other locations such as Misty Meadows were recommended in its stead.

User Reactions

Emotions ran high in the conversation thread, with Fortnite lovers eagerly supplying suggestions. User speakingfrog23 specifically campaigned for ‘every corner to be the snow biome of each map’, delivering a Fondue of Fan-favorite Frigid biomes. While others liked JamieDrone’s idea of including ‘Citadel, with the boss there’ adding an extra layer of challenge.

Debated Locations

Amidst the discussion, certain POIs seemed to tickle fans’ taste buds more than others. For instance, Mega city received a beating with smoothballsman and several others expressing a clear ‘No’. On the flip side, Lazy Lake received a warm welcome with AGirlHasNoUsername13 stating ‘Add Lazy Lake, and you have a deal’. Such variety of opinions adds a lovely flavor to the mix!

Constructive Criticism and Future Wishes

As is the norm with passionate gamers, constructive criticism and humorous jabs were had in plenty. bruhdhenfus dished out a friendly tease saying ‘viking valhalla. You had one job.’ while also praising the effort ‘great edit tbh, very well done.’. While fans like What-a-Filthy-liar reminisced, expressing a desire for the return of game elements such as kinetic rocks.

Only time will tell if the unified gaming platform becomes a reality and whether the fan suggested elements make their way to the Fortnite map. Till then, let’s keep those fingers on the triggers and eyes on the screens while we enjoy Fortnite’s current offerings!