Fan-Favourite Packs in Call of Duty – Do Gamers’ Prayers Have Answers?

Exploring the excitement and skepticism around the reintroduction of classic packs in Call of Duty.

In a recent turn of events, Call of Duty fans seem to be in for a delightful surprise. The titillating buzz began with a post from user ‘Mynccx’, hinting at the possibility of legacy packs making their much-awaited comeback. The favourites in question – BO1’s Gold, BO2’s Diamond, and BO3’s Dark matter – have sent a wave of anticipation coursing through the community.


  • The reintroduction of classic packs has sparked curiosity and excitement amid fans.
  • Response from the community is a mix of anticipation, skepticism, and speculation about pricing.
  • The potential for these packs to be universal is also a topic of speculation.

Player Sentiment

User ‘Global-Profile1193’ mirrored many fans’ sentiments by asking, ‘This is fan-made right? Too good to be true.’ It’s clear that while the news is welcomed, there’s a healthy dose of skepticism. A similar sentiment was expressed by ‘goatofalltime5’ who dismissed Mynccx’s post as a ‘stupid baiting fake post’

Pricing Paradigm

Discussion around pricing of the legacy packs saturated the comments. User ‘XNS_Films’ casually put forth a figure of ‘$1.99’ as a fair price, citing that this was how the original packs were priced. However, ‘Csxc’ would be willing to ‘Drop $20 For This Bundle’, illustrating the divergence of opinions on value. On the other hand, some users, like ‘Danja84’ and ‘StillGalaxy99’, staunchly resisted the idea of paying for these packs.

The Legacy Query

The other fundamental question brought up was whether the packs would be universal. As user ‘option-13’ queries, ‘wait woah. are they universal?‘. The proposition of enjoying the classic packs on any weapon is a tantalizing one indeed.

Crucially, all this excitement hinges on the packs being real and not just a fan’s wishful thinking. If genuine, this could mark a real coup for Call of Duty, demonstrating that the developers appreciate and are responsive to their fan base’s nostalgic yearnings. Let’s sit tight, controllers at the ready, and hope this miraculous echo of CoD past turns out to be true!