Explosive Fortnite Collaboration Fan Concept: A Possible LEGO Love Affair?

Could a fan-made Fortnite and LEGO Movie crossover concept be a hit? Find out what the community thinks!

Kicking off the discussion with a spicy fan-made idea revolving around Fortnite collaborations. A user by the name of Zestyclose-Ad3912 proposed a unique crossover between the LEGO Movie and Fortnite franchises. Included in the concept were cosmetic options for Emmet and Lucy, main characters from the LEGO Movie, proposed to sport two styles – Zero and Plastic.


  • The concept could potentially enhance the game’s appeal among both LEGO enthusiasts and Fortnite faithfuls, providing a fresh twist to the gaming landscape.
  • While it’s just a concept, sparking curiosity is already an achievement.
  • Most comments from fans appear to be positive, suggesting potential commercial success if ever made.

Community’s Thoughts

Fans of Fortnite have been very receptive to the idea. ‘id buy this omg’, says LABARATI, quite a straight-forward expression of excitement. It seems this reaction encapsulates the overall eagerness of the community to experience such a collaboration.

Added Suggestions

Amid the excitement, community members have also started throwing in their own suggestions to the mix. According to SussyMogus2, Emmet’s back bling could bear the piece of resistance, a significant item from the LEGO Movie franchise which the character carries on his back. This kind of attention to detail could truly bring out the charm of this crossover, making it not just a marketing gimmick but a true celebration of both universes.

Engaging Components

More than just the characters, another Fortnite user, LaylaLegion, proposed to “Add a Everything is Awesome or Catchy Song emote.” The user seems to be suggesting that bringing in some element from the movie soundtrack could simulate the LEGO world experience even better. This approach could further elevate the immersive Fortnite gameplay it is lauded for. Furthermore, it also underscores the fans’ desire for in-depth exploration of crossovers beyond superficial skin changes.

To wrap up, this fan concept, if actualized, promises an exciting blend of Fortnite warfare with the charm of LEGO. The collaboration could serve as a means to incorporate various aspects of different franchises like characters, relics, and even music – creating a holistic experience. The potential for unique storyline expansions, exciting new gameplay mechanics, and a fresh wave of fun is hard to overlook. All in all, it’s safe to say that this collaboration offers much more than just a fresh coat of LEGO-colored paint. Subtly, it speaks about the enduring connection between movies and video games, and how collaborations like this can only work towards the mutual success of both worlds.