Exploring the Quirky FPS Drops in Genshin Impact’s 4.0 Update

Post-patch woes — Investigating FPS drops with Genshin Impact’s newest update and a surprisingly smooth workaround.

It seems the popular RPG Genshin Impact hasn’t been immune to player complaints about post-update issues. According to one player’s post on the game’s subreddit, the 4.0 update of the game has dealt them a somewhat frustrating hand, presenting unexpected lags and drops in frames-per-second (FPS) performance.


  • The 4.0 update resulted in noticeable lag and drops in FPS — particularly pronounced when moving the camera quickly or in denser areas of the game map.
  • The issue persisted for months after the patch’s release, despite the player’s attempt to troubleshoot with different system adjustments.
  • The player discovered a surprising workaround: start the game on low settings, switch them to the maximum after log-in, and see the FPS performance smooth out (although the map still lags).
  • This problem recurred if the player started the game with high settings saved.

A Closer Look

Before the 4.0 update, the game ran as smooth as butter on this player’s system, which boasts impressive specs including the Ryzen3700x, 2060super, 32gb ram, and an nvme ssd. After the patch’s installation, the game became ‘stuttery and laggy,’ with frequent FPS drops below 60, ‘and in some heavy areas FPS could drop up to ~45 when moving the camera.’

A Temporary Fix

After growing impatient with the problem, the player tried a variety of solutions — altering settings, disabling mouse software, tweaking Windows settings — but only found temporary relief when starting the game on low settings. Switching to high settings after launching the game seemed to eliminate the pesky stutters and FPS issues, but only until the next game restartr.

Community Replies

Among the many users who responded to this post, some offered distinct insights. Just to quote a few, a user named fourrier01 pointed out that ‘The fps drop only noticeable when you quickly rotate the camera. Practically, the motion blur is the bigger problem than fps drop at that moment.’ Another user, tzamihavar, offered a deep analysis and suggested several potential solution paths.

Final Thoughts

As of now, the issue seems unabated — the community is curious about the reasons behind such performance glitches, and how these oddities might contribute to understanding the post-4.0 landscape in Genshin Impact. Though a solution is yet to be found for this peculiar problem, the community spirit remains high, with players banding together to formulate temporary workarounds and always hoping for an official fix. So, hang tight, Genshin Impact gamers — the next update may bring more surprises!