Exploring the Exciting Updates in Honkai: Star Rail – Lethal Company Update 46

A humorous look at the candid community reactions to Honkai: Star Rail’s Lethal Company Update 46: Rummaging Raccoons.

Recently, ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ rolled out its Lethal Company Update 46, humorously dubbed Rummaging Raccoons. Introduced by original poster ‘TakesatoKeita’, the update sparked several humorous and insightful comments among Reddit users with a majority expressing positive sentiments about the game and its developers.


  • Reddit users appreciate the humor and lore expansion introduced by the new update.
  • The player community supports the interaction between in-game items and introduces new item ‘Stellar Jade’.
  • Stellar interaction bodes well for the future game economy and player experience.

Funny Color Commentary

‘juniorjaw’ responded to the update with a tongue-in-cheek comment “Stelle makes a trade offer! You receive: Scraps from the scavenged trash can Stelle receives: Stelle Jades”, suggesting the quirky interactions that the update might entail. The response also nods at the cleverness of the developers in expanding the in-game lore and economy in a light-hearted way.

Role Play Excitement

‘progin5l’ contributed a vivid comment “She will ask stellar jade for the loot ransom”. This comment truly illustrates how compelling the Star Rail experience can be when the community fully immerses in role-playing games.

Fear of The Rummage

‘Jr_froste’ added a cautionary commentary with their comment “Careful, disturbing them too long. They will hunt you down and eat all your loot. (body included)” giving a sneak peek into the exciting dangers that await gamers in the Star Rail universe.

The high engagement between the update and its fanbase indicates the successful union of players’ passion and developers’ creativity. It appears ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ and the immersive universe it offers has a promising future ahead.