Exploring Player Sentiments in Fortnite: To Root or Not to Root for Your Killer

While facing untimely demise in Fortnite, do you cheer for your slayer or hope for their downfall? Let’s dive in.

In the thrilling world of Fortnite, an unusual trend is noticed – players have differing views about rooting for the one who brings about their untimely in-game demise.


  • Some players actively root against their killers, cheering for their downfall
  • Interestingly, harboring no grudges, a few gamers want their killers to emerge as victors
  • A player’s decision can be influenced by the killer’s behavior post combat

Grudges and Strategies

Emotional charge runs high after a player’s virtual death. For instance, user MyNameIsWhat29 expressed disdain for their killer, wishing them to ‘get rekt.’ MaximumPower1704 even admitted to never carrying heals as a postmortem strategy to hinder the killer’s progress.

The Noble Fight

A handful of players, like Overall-Scientist846, respect a well-fought combat and wouldn’t root against a worthy opponent. In the words of MuscleManRule34, ‘there’s no shame in dying to a good player.’

Post-Combat Conduct

‘Emoting over my corpse’ does not sit well with Duckyboi10. Post-combat behavior of the killer greatly influences the sentiment towards them. Others, like spearcrusher, detach themselves from the game outcome entirely post-defeat.

Tugging the strings of emotion and strategy, Fortnite continues to be a thrilling social experiment in the gaming world. It not only tests our combat skill but also our emotional resilience. So next time you find yourself slayed in Fortnite, ask yourself, do you root for or against your killer?