Exploring Fan Ideas for Future Character Kits in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail fans theorize fascinating new character kits. Dive deep as we dissect this rich discussion space.

The gaming community of Honkai: Star Rail recently engaged in a lively discussion regarding new character kits derived from the game’s Simulated Universe blessings. The conversation, initiated by Raizel999, was focused around creating characters who would harness certain game mechanisms without breaking the balance of the game.


  • Intensifying interest in equilibrium of game mechanics with creative design.
  • Inventive reinterpretations of existing game mechanisms.
  • Community’s eager anticipation for novel characters and strategies.

Highlighted Suggestions

User snakezenn suggested a Nihility Healer character based on the debuffs that DOT damage heals, a suggestion many users seemed to connect with. Chimaerafeng, on the other hand, voiced the idea of a character based on offensive preservation, with an intriguing twist: damage output that scales with Defense.

Beyond The Usual

Jay_Crafter pushed out of the box, proposing a unique twist on the concept of sharing damage among all allies. Conversely, Mewtwopsychic floated the possibility of a character causing 200% dissociation damage to frozen targets. Lastly, Numberfox envisaged a complex Quantum Harmony kit for a character, drawing from multiple blessings in the Path of Propagation.

Unique Perspectives

AverageGamer8 initiated the discussion on a unique defensive mechanism, whereas PlasticSR suggested a Destruction Blessing effect proportional to the loader’s remaining health. No_Pipe_8257 proposed the idea of skill links that connects opponents together, a clever mechanism that can enhance strategic gameplay.

Through the brainstorming and hypothesizing, the players have illustrated their deep knowledge of the game mechanics. They have proven themselves capable of conjuring distinctive yet balanced ideas for future character kits, contributing to the vibrant discourse that brings Honkai: Star Rail to life.