Exploring Counter-Strike: A Quick Guide To Winning Premier

Dive into the expert Counter-Strike tips to secure a swift Premier win.

The popular online game, Counter-Strike, has a long history of engendering creative strategies in the quest to secure wins. In the LANs of the ’90s, all the way to the modern online tournaments, players continuously brainstorm to find effective methods that give them an edge over the competition. One popular strategy involves a quick manoeuver in Premier mode that has sparked a lively discussion on a popular online forum.


  • Many players find the ‘auto kicking for team damage’ mechanism frustrating.
  • Users have discovered an alternative approach that utilises responding to team damage.
  • The community is vastly in favour of this innovative strategy, praising its effectiveness.

Shares From The Frontline

The user DarkStunter humorously mentioned that the ‘AFK guys only saw themselves back in the lobby wondering why the match was “cancelled.”‘ A sentiment echoed by the user KingPolle, who finds the current dynamics for team damage greatly bothersome.

Community Reactions

The community found this tactic quite clever, with user No_Anxiety_9551 deeming it ‘underrated’. However, not everyone was entirely pleased, with user supermaninreddit expressing fear of ‘holding a grenade now.’ It’s evident that while the majority found amusement in this tactic, others saw potential drawbacks.

Fan Input

Adding more depth to the discussion, user Dlashing outlined his team’s strategy. For the Counter-Terrorists (CT) side, Dlashing advises, ‘always throw nades at Banana, cus you never know if Ts will be going there.’

In closing, this conversation highlighted the charm of the gaming community. Their perpetual quest for improving game strategies, coupled with their lively reactions, helps shape the Counter-Strike landscape. One can’t help but be amused by the many creative gameplays floating around, which works as a testament to the boundless enjoyment video games can offer.