Experiencing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Matchmaking Hiccups? You’re Not Alone

Troubleshoot Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 matchmaking issues with insights from the gaming community.

It’s another day on the battlefield and Call of Duty enthusiasts are facing unexpected technical glitches in Modern Warfare 2. A recent issue causing distress involves gamers experiencing crashes upon entering matchmaking or opening ‘create a class’.


  • Problem Reported: Unexpected MW2 game crashes while entering matchmaking
  • User’s Try: Restarting without any change made on the game
  • Community Responses: Various – from helpful to tongue-in-cheek suggestions
  • Actions Taken: Unknown so far

Real Struggles of Real Gamers

‘Mojixen’ expressed their frustration with the sudden crashes which “just happened this afternoon when I tried to play mw2”. This reminds us of the unpredictable nature of technical hitches in gaming, which can pop up like end-level bosses when we least anticipate them.

The Bot’s Byte

‘AutoModerator’, ensuring the smooth running of the forum shared a detailed response. Besides redirecting ‘Mojixen’ to the appropriate forum for discussing Modern Warfare II (2022) content, it also reassured about the post content relevance, if it’s about Modern Warfare 2 (2009) or its Campaign Remaster.

Getting A Word In

Breaking the seriousness was ‘mistersardine1’ who humorously suggested an offbeat approach, “The solution is to play Infinite Warfare instead, and flush the turd that is MW2 down the toilet!”. It might not solve the problem at hand but it sure got a chuckle from us!

Ongoing technical difficulties can be a bane for any gamer, especially when it interrupts a high-pressure match in a fan-favorite game like CoD: MW2. While we don’t have a definitive solution yet, the issue has been flagged by the community. Maybe it’s a case of identifying the tricky bug or perhaps ‘mistersardine1’ advice should be heeded; after all, a little laughter might just prevent us from throwing the console out the window!