Epic Throwback: Fortnite Community Bids Farewell to Season OG

Fortnite players share their parting thoughts on the OG season. Read on for an authentic glimpse into the Fortnite fan club.

There’s a wave of nostalgia sweeping through the Fortnite community, as they bid adieu to the beloved Season OG. The empty post body lets their feelings do the speaking for them.


  • Fortnite players like novacastrian90 claim Season OG to be the crème de la crème, the best of them all.
  • There’s an undercurrent of suspense and uncertainty for the future, underscored by questions by players like Three4Anonimity.
  • Heart reactions interspersed suggests deep love for the season.

Season OG: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Players are reminiscing their old drop spots and favourite haunts. ‘-My favourite was Salty Sprints,’ muses RyvalHEX.

The Goodbye Post

‘I’m gonna miss this season,’ KitchenBag2164 confesses. But there’s indeed a lot excited chatter about the future. ‘I’m really excited for tomorrow,’ they add.

Aficionado Afterspeaks

There’s a significant number of players who acknowledge this season as one of their favourites. Some die-hard fans can’t wait to press stop. ‘ThePearWithoutaCare can’t wait to stop playing after the next two days.’

The thread ends on an equally nostalgic note, with comments that manage to encapsulate the entire thread. Yes, it was a sweet whispered adieu to a season that was highly celebrated, unleashing a host of emotions from the players as they reminisced on past conquests, thrilling encounters, and heartfelt moments. But like all good things, the season came to end, and the Fortnite community is looking forward to what Epic Games has in store next. Till then, everyone’s controllers are buzzing with anticipation.