Epic Server Safari: Fortnite Fans Fumble Finding Fun

Read about the Fortnite community’s challenges when faced with a server ghost town!

Our fellow Fortnite enthusiasts at what we affectionately dub ‘the Fortnite corner’ have sounded the alarm. According to a post by ‘UtopiaNation’, initiating a mission has become akin to finding a needle in a haystack – the game promises to locate an empty server, but seems to be on a never-ending quest.


  • Players unable to commence missions.
  • Restarting resulted in hour-long queue for a player.
  • Reports suggest a major outage for matchmaking.
  • Changing game mode proposed as a possible workaround.

A Community In Distress

Delving deeper into the issue, we noted that ‘jessetonystark’ attempted a tried and true method – the ol’ off-on trick. Unfortunately, they traded one issue for another – an hour-long queue. ‘Restart? More like rest-endure!‘ Others on the forum were quick to echo the sentiment, with ‘Jakey38’ and ‘xMau5kateer’ noting similar server snafus in recent memory.

Matchmaking Meltdown

‘xcessive7’ came forward with some distressing news: a major matchmaking outage had been announced. Literal breaking news in the server search saga. Our gaming gumshoes are left to ponder the cause of this sudden outage, while they twiddle their thumbs waiting for the resumption of their adventures.

The Power of Community

The Fortnite community, however, is nothing if not resilient. ‘Tukaro’ was quick to offer a potential workaround, suggesting that solo missions might be a necessary interim step. In Fortnite, as in life, sometimes the lone wolf strategy is the way to go. ‘All’s fair in love and solo quests.

While the community rallies and sympathizes over this united front of frustration, they remain hopeful for a resolution. As ‘downwiththedownvotes’s, one user’s sentiment is clear: ‘Queue is full’, ‘finding match’… we stand resilient. Here’s hoping with fingers crossed, their patience will be rewarded, and the servers will be operational soon. ‘Fingers crossed indeed!