Diving into The World of Fortnite 2D: An Exploration of User Reaction

Discover how Fortnite fans are reacting to a new 2D version creatively crafted by a Reddit user.

You might be familiar with the ever-popular video game, Fortnite, but have you ever wondered how it might be received in a 2D format? Chihuahua_UEFN did, and he dared to make it real.


  • Users are impressed with the creative instance
  • Some gamers suggest further tweaks for integrating player movement
  • Interactions hint at excitement mixed with a dash of nostalgia
  • Overall, the sentiment leans on the positive side

User Reactions

Overall, user reactions were primarily positive. “that’s pretty cool!” exclaimed Lucasmakesstuff. This sentiment was echoed by patri0t_gamer, who expressed, “Looking really cool dude.”

Fanciful Suggestions

Other users like RussianThundy, while appreciative, also suggested some fanciful additions imagined around the new 2D format. “Now they the only thing they need to do is to add NieR characters and it’s perfect lol” they quipped.

Creative Insights

Then there were those who delved a little deeper with thoughtful feedback. “You can use a barrier device to prevent the player from being able to move into the background.” suggested Jaspin-Burner.

Nostalgia Strikes

References to other popular games sprung up in the conversations. darthyogi likened the concept to another treasured game: “That looks like a Sonic The Hedgehog game” they noted, bringing a touch of gaming nostalgia to the conversation.

As we walk away from this enlightening discussion, it’s clear that Chihuahua_UEFN’s Fortnite 2D is a hit. If there’s one thing we can take from this, it’s that creativity, passion, and a dash of nostalgia can keep the flames of fan admiration well and truly lit. Whether you’re a Fortnite fan or a gaming enthusiast in general, it’s genuinely heartening to see the communal spirit within these exchanges. It’s a shining example of gamers supporting gamers, and truly, isn’t that what’s it’s all about in the end?