Diving into the Charm of Genshin Impact’s Events: A Fan Perspective

Explore the sentiment shared by fans towards the latest Genshin Impact event, focussing on its animation and BGM.

The community is once again buzzing with admiration for the high-quality animation and background music (BGM) in the latest Genshin Impact event. The fans continue to laud the developers’ tireless work in delivering such content every six weeks.

Community Insights

  • There is a general appreciation for the animation quality and choice of BGM
  • Fans perceive under-acknowledgement of the Music box ost
  • Grand presentation of ‘Freminet’ leaves players amazed
  • Concerns voiced over underwhelming user interface

Animation and Music – More than Aesthetics

A popular sentiment among the fans, expressed by Ok_RaspberrySoda, revolves around the outstanding animation quality and BGM. Admirers often find themselves asking what fuels the animators’ creativity and why the beautiful Music box ost seems so underrated.

An Unforgettable Avatar

The dramatic presentation of the avatar ‘Freminet’ is another aspect that fans, such as Winter-Wisteria, have found awe-inspiring. While the game might have its downsides, it’s precisely these grand imageries that keep players hooked for years.

Room for Improvement

ROYALEZOMBIE11 voices a common concern over an underwhelming user interface (UI). Despite the game’s overall appeal, fans believe some adjustments could enhance the UI massively.

Despite minor bumps on the road, the enduring charm of Genshin Impact — appreciatively noted by HeavenBeach777 — just keeps growing. Whether it’s the hauntingly melancholic BGM as noted by keyanu_ or the captivating storyline, this game continues leaving fans wanting more.