Diving into Genshin Impact’s New Geo Character Dilemma: A Reddit Round-Up

Unearth the debate around Genshin Impact’s newest Geo character, Navia, as sparked by the community.

Genshin Impact’s vibrant community often becomes a hub for rich conversation, especially when new characters are introduced. Recently, the community has been divided over the prospect of choosing and building a Geo character, specifically revolving around the yet-to-be-released character, Navia.


  • Most users endorse building Navia as a standalone Geo character and don’t see a necessity to pair her with another Geo within a team. Exceptional crystalise based DPS sidestepping the usual Geo expectations.
  • Users underline Navia’s versatile role fitting in various team compositions, not restricted to Geo-heavy squads.
  • Appreciation for Geo characters varies from user to user, forming both pro and con camps.

The Geo-Navia Conundrum

Post author Greenbeforeblue sparked up the discussion by admitting their indifference towards Geo characters while expressing their interest in Navia. Notably, user takemiplaceholder advised the author that Navia doesn’t precisely follow the mono Geo narrative and noted, ‘you’ll be good’, hinting at the versatility of the character. On similar lines, user le_halfhand_easy underlined the flexibility Navia provides to form a team. Both users highlight that Navia might just be the long awaited Geo character that breaks the mold – pushing users to reconsider their initial apprehension towards Geo characters.

The Players’ Take

For most gaming communities, player input plays a significant role in guiding fellow players’ decisions. In our case, the feedback was as expansive as Genshin Impact’s map itself. HZack0508 succinctly summarizes, ‘She (Navia) doesn’t require other geo to function,’ hinting at Navia’s user-friendliness for those hesitant to go full Geo. FischlInsultsMePls chimed in, suggesting Bennett as a strong pisciner with Navia, steering us away from a Geo-centric approach.

Navia’s Appeal

Some users, despite their varying opinions on Geo characters, expressed a soft spot for Navia. Lign_Grant admits he has ‘never pull(ed) Zhongli,’ a popular Geo character, yet acknowledged the appeal of Navia in the game, offering her outfit as the gold standard for a four-star character.

Caught in the crossfire of this fancy discussion, Geo might have found its shine in Navia – an unexpected hero who’s causing players to think twice about their original aversion. When it comes to Genshin Impact, the game’s rich characters and immersive universe continue to pique players’ interests and debates, unraveling in intriguing trajectories. New releases like Navia only add fuel to the simmering fervour, reminiscent of a freshly activated Geo construct.