Diving into Fortnite Creative: Building Islands for Survival RPGs – Size Matters

Discussing Fortnite Creative’s island size debate for a Survival RPG, analyzing fans’ comments regarding an optimum game environment.

Fortnite Creative enthusiasts have sparked an interesting discourse on the importance of island size for Survival RPG gameplay. Pertaining to this, Infinite_TrashYT had queried if they should reduce their island’s size, using a virtual prison for scale.


  • Diverse perspectives revealed varying preferences for size.
  • Comments emphasized the influence of size on game complexity.
  • Fans suggested alternatives for managing large-scale construction.
  • Robust development tools can aid in achieving an optimal game environment.

Size Matters: Different Strokes for Different Folks

The initial reaction, a comment by Stark_202020, indicated a preference for a smaller island (source). Hot_Ad8643 humorously implied that with the current size, one ‘might as well recreate the original Fortnite map’ (source). Clear proof that in the Fortnite community, size does matter.

Complexity and Space

Kyte_115 introduced the concept of complexity. They believe the size should correlate with how intricate the survival game is (source). Larger islands offer more infrastructure possibilities. However, if unnecessarily large, the space might overwhelm players.

Combating Overcrowding: Tips and Tricks for Managing Mega-Maps

ILiekTakos2’s comment illuminated the immense size of Infinite_TrashYT’s island. Stating that ‘you can fit every Battle Royale map there’, they highlighted the potential for overcrowding (source). Furthermore, lilchorizo04 offered some constructive advice on how to manage such large-scale construction, recommending the use of a height map and texture painting (source). This proved advantageous to create a realistic and manageable gaming landscape.

Looking Forward

Reflecting on these varying viewpoints, it becomes evident that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach in the Fortnite Creative universe. How these features evolve and adapt to player feedback is the crux. Whether you’re a dodger or detailer, planner or player, the resourceful Fortnite toolbox paves the way for endless creative expression. Size matters, but what also matters is how you utilize it. So, plot those dimensions carefully, as it may just be the key to make your game from good to great!