Diving into Call of Duty: To Buy or Not to Buy MWIII?

Get inside insights from the gaming community on whether or not buying Call of Duty: MWIII is worth it for beginners.

The game on everyone’s console and topic of discussion in the gaming universe is none other than the renowned ‘Call of Duty’. A redditer called ‘evasnout’ recently initiated a conversation, probing if moving forward with a purchase of MWIII would be a suitable choice for beginners after dabbling in COD: Warzone. The query became a hotbed for gaming enthusiasts, inviting impassioned responses.


  • There’s a prevalent sentiment towards encouraging newcomers to opt for the latest release, primarily for the multiplayer modes, as aptly suggested by user Snowbunny236.
  • On the other hand, an argument has been put forth for exploring the older games for their story instead of jumping straight into MWIII, voiced by centiret.
  • A caveat was offered by the automated moderating system, advising to distinguish between COD: MWIII(2023) and the 2011 release.

Understanding the Game

Since ‘evasnout’ is relatively new to the COD universe, it’s crucial to understand what the game will offer. It seems the primary allure of MWIII—and particularly for newer players—is its multiplayer modes. Snowbunny236 positively suggested going with the latest release and highlighted that the gameplay from MW3 mimics Warzone, providing a familiar and more comfortable gaming environment. Similarly, dudedudetx and lDRlDOOMl recommend MWIII but focus on multiplayer and Zombies – bringing out unique aspects of the game that may be attractive to a newbie.

Alternative Perspectives

If you’re looking to get immersed in the storyline, some users suggest trying the older games. Centiret voiced a dissenting opinion, advising against starting with MW3 due to advanced story progress, and instead recommended the first or second edition of the series. Professional_Pass486 seconded this view if the campaign mode is the goal, suggesting shopping the older COD games on eBay.

To Buy or Not to Buy

The heart of the matter is whether or not MWIII is a good buy. Looking at multiple opinions, the general trend seems to suggest that if you’re a beginner wanting a multi-player experience, MWIII can be your game of choice. If the campaign mode is your cup of tea, perhaps you could seek worth in the older releases. Remember, buying a game should align with your interests and gaming style.

The beauty of the gaming world lies certainly in its diversity, and as with any game, Call of Duty has aspects that can be both appealing and off-putting. Whether MWIII is a must-buy or not is a decision that ultimately lies in your hands. One thing is certain though: no matter which way their joystick swings, each player’s unique experience contributes towards the rich tapestry that is the ‘Call of Duty’ legacy.