Diving Into Call of Duty: Perfect Starting Points for Newcomers

This blog explores community opinions where to start for newcomers to Call of Duty with focus on gunplay and zombie modes.

A gaming enthusiast, nicknamed TheSphinxInator, recently turned their attention to Call of Duty, piqued primarily by the game’s iconic customizable guns and attention-grabbing zombie mode. Open to starting with any title, they’re hunting for the most fitting version offering engaging gunplay, and, if possible, the aforementioned undead survival challenge.


  • The game suggestions swing primarily between titles like Modern Warfare III, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard
  • ‘Hamza9575’ suggests Black Ops Cold War as a suitable game for rookies, especially in the zombie mode
  • ‘SuspiciousHistory571’ endorses Battlefield V due to its active player base and Vanguard for its immersive gunplay
  • ‘WULFENMARK’ recommends BlackOps3 because of its plethora of community-created maps if a PC version is being considered. For console players, they give a nod towards Cold War and Modern Warfare III.

Game Recommendations

Surveying the gamut of chief Call of Duty titles, community members ‘Hamza9575’ and ‘WULFENMARK’ equally commend Black Ops Cold War for beginners, particularly in the zombie mode. Said to be expansive and accessible, its undead round of battles presents a safe and entertaining entryway to the Call of Duty franchise.

Valuable Alternatives

Notably, a refrain in the form of Battlefield V pops up courtesy of a certain ‘SuspiciousHistory571.’ An overwhelming favourite in the gaming world for its sweeping landscapes and dedicated player base, it can be a worthy contender against Call of Duty. Yet, they don’t overlook the latter franchise altogether, verbalising fondness for Vanguard with its robust gunplay and thrilling zombie mode.

Platform-wise Approach

One mustn’t forget the vital factor of gaming platform into consideration. ‘WULFENMARK’ offers varied advice based on this determining factor – BlackOps3 being a shoo-in for its community-created maps if one’s playing on PC. However, console gamers are encouraged towards Cold War andModern Warfare III.

To wrap things up, Call of Duty, with its breadth of appealing elements and game modes, can provide a rewarding gaming experience. Amid titans like Vanguard, Modern Warfare III, Black Ops Cold War, or even Battlefield V, the optimum choice ultimately relies on individual preferences, whether that’s nuanced gunplay, nerve-wracking zombie rounds, or a buzzing player base.