Diving Deep into Genshin Impact: Are Apep and Osial the Same Size?

An engaging dive into the Genshin Impact community’s debate on Apep and Osial’s sizes.

In the enchanting world of Genshin Impact, a recent debate sparks among the players with regards to the size comparison of two fantastic beasts – Apep and Osial. A user named ‘Iateabagofrogs’ disclosed his theory on these Mystic Beasts being rather similar in size yet prompting a heated discussion amongst fellow adventurers.


  • There’s a split in opinion – some users vehemently disagree with this standpoint, others however, provide counters with evidence.
  • The argument isn’t merely subjective, but it’s shrouded with a thick mist of ambiguity as the full body of either beasts has never been revealed in the game.
  • Fellow players not only argue about who the larger entity is, but they also drag the prowess of these beasts into the discussion.
  • A sense of excitement and anticipation envelopes this discussion, foreshadowing a gamut of possibilities that the future updates might unravel.

Decoding the Disagreement

A user with the pseudonym ‘Id0ntLikeApplePie’ outrightly dismissed the proposed idea, stating that Apep and Osial are ‘Not anywhere close‘. This sentiment was reiterated by ‘Biggus_Shrimpus’ vilely recommending to ‘Go back and actually look at apep’s size‘.

Defending the Parity

Some come to ‘Iateabagofrogs” defense, ‘Juniorchief1’ speaks about a ‘size comparison for apep‘ and claimed both beasts to be visible from Liyue. Another user, ‘Regulus242’, points their lack of full exposure in the game, making the comparison unfeasible.

The Power Play

Fellow voyagers also draw comparisons in terms of power where a user ‘Dejavir’ subtly downplays Apep by stating, ‘If Ningguang tried the same thing with Apep, it would likely be akin to ‘someone flicking a pebble at you‘. ‘DiamondChocobos’ further spices up the discussion imagining Osial mocking Apep assuming he would win. This exchange of witty comments and intriguing theories just highlights how engrossed the fans are in the Genshin universe.

Despite the unpredictability and ambiguity, this debate provides a peek into the engaged and proactive mindset of the Genshin Impact community. Witnessing this disparity aligns with the captivating reality of the game – the sense of exploring uncharted territories, figuring out hidden secrets, and the thrill in the chase of unraveling these mystical beasts’ true nature. Adventure awaits, Traveler!