Discover Fortnite’s Most Underrated Skins: Community Insights and Opinions

Unearth Fortnite fans’ thoughts on the game’s most underrated character skins based on a popular forum thread.

The Fortnite community is known for its passion and constant discussion about various aspects of the game, one recent topic of interest being underrated skins. A user named YodaMaster_66 kicked off this exchange by sharing that ‘Monks’, an often overlooked character skin, is their favorite, mentioning a liking for it even in LEGO version.


  • Game users expressed an admiration for lesser-known skins from a variety of Fortnite’s seasons.
  • There exists a sentiment within the community that says several underrated skins deserve more attention or variations.
  • A small array of skins, such as Monks, Princess Felicity Fish, and Zyg, were highlighted by different users.

Unearthing the Gems

A user named MuscleManRule34 likened the Monks skin to ‘a female version of the PG Tipps monkey’, expressing a wish for a male version. Other users suggested additional overlooked characters. LemonCarlito gave a shoutout to ‘Princess Felicity Fish’ and ‘Cuddle King’, while Fabio sparkelmane was adouma_fallguy123’s pick. Portertheprawnsuit pledged for ‘Zyg’, a character from Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 7.

Popular Vs Underrated

Link__117 questioned why ‘Oblivion’, being the sweaty female version of omega, isn’t as well-liked. It seems to be a sentiment that some popular skins might overshadow others. ‘How’s that not popular?’ they asked. By contrast, TrashSea1485 called Gumbo, particularly its sour and pink/blue variant, their all-time favorite, indicating that popularity doesn’t always translate to overall appreciation.

Fan Favorites

The thread witnessed the rise of several `fan-favorites’. Onett199X recommended ‘Trigger Fish’, whose unique feature is a singing backpack that activates with each kill. Another user, Mr_Guy459, admitted to favoring ‘Mecha Cuddle Master’, even going so far as to proclaim an allegiance to ‘weeb bear supremacy’. ‘I believe in weeb bear supremacy,’ they claimed.

Ultimately, the Fortnite community is as vibrant and dynamic as the game itself. Though everyone has their own personal favorites, the discussion underscored the complex appeal of Fortnite’s character skins. Each skin – particularly the uncommon ones – carries its own charm. Whether you’re a fan of ‘weeb bear supremacy’ or a supporter of the ‘PG Tipps monkey’, there’s a skin for everyone in Fortnite’s eclectic universe.