Demystifying Early Game Heroes: A Dive into Fortnite Strategies

Gathering player insights on the best heroes for early game experience in Fortnite – an intriguing peek at strategies and game choices.

The explosive world of Fortnite throws players into its exciting mix of gameplay right from the get-go. A Reddit user, phgumerr, posed a question that has stirred insightful discussions in the gaming community on the best heroes for early game players. By ‘early game’, phgumerr was referring to scenarios like the stone wood around and wanted advice for his friends who are just starting on the game.


  • Constructors are recommended for defense missions.
  • Freedom to explore any hero as all heroes work in stonewood.
  • A suggestion on Dragon slash being a great ninja.

User Insights

Glory_To_Atom, one of the commenters, quite sagely advises that any hero could work in stonewood. However, if players are looking for efficiency, constructors are recommended, especially for defense missions. ‘They will make harder defense missions a walk in the park if done right…’, he adds, highlighting the crucial role of proper strategy and trap utilization.

Variability of Heroes

Adding to the insight, shamelessthrowaway54 confidently states that ‘all heroes‘ have potential in the early game. This highlights the variability of the heroes and how player strategies and abilities can change the game using any character.

Suggested Ninja Class

Dizzlewizzle79 suggests ‘Dragon slash‘ as a good ninja, particularly in ‘Canny’. This recommendation widens the perspectives of players, encouraging experimentation with different classes and broadening their understanding of the game’s mechanics.

Ultimately it seems, while the importance of a good hero choice is acknowledged, the criticality of individual skill and strategy is underscored as key determinants of success in Fortnite, not only in stonewood, but subsequently as the game progresses. Therefore, don’t just rely on the heroes, make yourself the true hero of the game.