Delving into Genshin Impact: Unraveling the Mora Mystery

Discover the nuanced wealth debate of Genshin Impact’s Traveler’s character.

In the vibrant and immersive universe of Genshin Impact, players have begun to delve into the intriguing financial status of the pivotal character known as Traveler.


  • It appears that Traveler’s wealth is a topic of fascination among players
  • Many are questioning the value and strength of the in-game currency called Mora
  • Users are also humorously focusing on Traveler’s companion, Paimon’s, voracious appetite
  • There’s a mixed sentiment regarding the ostensible affluence of the Traveler.

Financial Mirth and Mora

User, LivingASlothsLife, recalled a moment when Traveler expressed concerns about funds, specifically in feeding their rather gluttonous companion, Paimon. This quirkily highlights a pervasive concern—maintaining Paimon’s hefty food expenditures.

Mora’s Wobbling Worth

The game’s currency, Mora, is under scrutiny. User Alex2422, suggests that maybe the Mora isn’t as valuable as one might assume. Furthering the discussion, hydrogenes echoes this sentiment by comparing it to a Game Theory’s video on Zhongli, where it is theorized that Mora is so inflated that it’s practically been printed into devaluation.

Who’s Paying Paimon’s Food Bills?

User Redwolf476 humorously mentions ‘one would need to be rich to feed Paimon’, reinforcing the popular notion that Paimon is quite the gourmand.

Traveler’s Officially Rolling in Mora?

choi-r, succinctly declares that Traveler is ‘Canonically rich now’, chiming in to the debate whether Traveler is truly loaded or if Mora’s value is less than assumed.

The thorough exploration of the fiscal implications and nuances in Genshin Impact provides a delightful insight into the engagement of players with the game, infusing humor, analytical thought, and creativity. Well it seems, despite the financial complications, Mora and hearty meals for Paimon continue to be a hearty part of the Genshin Impact experience.